Judith & Evan

This gorgeous couple is very dear to my heart. Judith and I have collaborated creatively many times over the last six months, and her husband, Evan, has become a great friend during the process.

They were married last June but decided against having a photographer so that they could focus on each other and their loved ones.

Judith and I began planning their belated wedding photo shoot months ago, and we were delighted when our chosen date turned out to be 75 degrees and sunny. (If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you understand how rare this weather is for March.) We took photos in two settings, and this marshy wetland was our first stop. It provided a wild backdrop that was the perfect juxtaposition to Judith and Evan's fancy wedding attire.

The beautiful (secret) garden was the second location we took photos during Judith and Evan's belated wedding shoot. The weather was perfect and these two were a dream to work with.