Elise & Casey // Eastern Gorge Engagement Session

Days like these are what keep me motivated.

Going on an adventure with two people in love and exploring a small part of the epic landscape the Pacific Northwest provides.

Fresh air, mountain climbs and just the right amount of cliff-edge danger.

The freedom to explore births the best possible photographs, plus these two adventurers now feel like good friends.

Bridget & Peter

Oh man.. these two.. yellow skirt, perfect light and so much love. How beautiful is Cistus Nursery on top of everything else!? Needless to say, I'm stoked to photograph their wedding in a few months.

Ladies and gentleman.. Bridget and Peter.

Naomi & Gabe

The more I photograph people in and around their home, the more I'm inclined to continue to do so. I truly believe people are the most at ease with a camera in front of them while in a place that's so familiar.

Naomi and Gabe's NW Portland abode and surrounding streets served as an adorable backdrop for their six-month-anniversary love shoot. I was charmed by Naomi's festive green dress and their towering Christmas tree. They felt perfectly on theme with a December photo session.

So here they are looking completely in love in the places they most enjoy. Happy holidays, folks!

Allison & Andy

This gorgeous couple booked me to take their engagement photos while vacationing in Portland. Their request was that we take a walking tour of downtown and visit a few fun locations in the city. They were staying at The Ace Hotel, which is one of my favorite places to snap photographs, so it seemed fitting that we start there.

Here is our day together as it unfolded. They were an absolute delight to spend time with, and I hope that I get to see them again in the future.

A big thanks to The Good Mod, Powell's, The Act Hotel and Everyday Music for allowing us to take photos in their space.